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How to find the best SEO freelancer in Surat?

Surat is famous for diamonds and the textile business. Surat is also famous for food dishes and Items like “Khaman, Undhiyu, Jalebi, Fafada”. but, unfortunately, Technology wise Surat is still a growing city. Finding a suitable SEO freelancer in Surat is not a cakewalk by any means.

Hiring SEO Freelancer in a virtual team is always a performing asset for the company at any time. As Freelancers paid per task or working hours they never became a liability for our company. Instead of that when we hired a full-time SEO Professional, we have to pay a fixed salary and when we don’t have clients or work then it becomes a liability.

But still, The Company preferred full-time SEO professional in Surat because they think that full-time SEO professionals will be more responsible. As I am leaving in Surat and working in SEO so, I know the Industry problems.

If a recruiter gets a local freelancer it’s always better than another freelancer or full-time employee. Because local freelancers can understand the language better so, the communication gap is covered. Local freelancers can come up for the weekly meetings and the communication and strategies can be discussed and changed.

Finding technical people in Surat is difficult. Moreover, SEO Service includes Technical as well as Marketing Skills like:

  • What strategies to Implement
  • What keywords to target
  • How to outrank opponent
  • What good aspects of competitors can be taken.
  • How much backlinks creation required
  • Is there any opportunity to have to tie up with a blogger or Influencer,
  • Traffic estimation
  • Content writing.

How To Find SEO Freelancer In Surat:

SEO Freelancer in Surat - Marketer Chintan
Ultimate Guide How to hire SEO freelancer in Surat

1) Job Portals:

This is the most Common Way however this is not the best way there are some Pros and Cons.

Upwork is used by most companies to hire SEO freelancer in surat

Upwork one of the best Platform to hire Freelancers.

Indeed is the most popular site for hiring SEO Professional

Indeed Platform is used to hire SEO professional in Surat.

Some Common Job Portals for Hiring SEO Freelancer In Surat Are listed below. As I belong to the digital marketing Industry I know SEO freelancer can be found from these sites

Pros: Job Portals are most easy way to find the candidate in the similar field.

We just have to post our job and then interested candidates share there Resume or Portfolio with us and we can choose from them.

Cons: We get some fake profiles they are claiming that they know Everything but most of the times they haven’t Implement knowledge usually they have done some digital marketing course or watch some tutorials and they apply for the job position

In job Posting, we should provide precise job descriptions to get suitable candidates. so, they can perform tasks and bring traffic to our website.

2) Social Media:

Social Media plays an important role nowadays in the hiring process. Most companies use social media to find talent. Linked in is the most preferred Social Media by SEO Professionals and Freelancers.

  • Linked In
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • Twitter

3) Reach Out job consultancies and your Network :

You can hire SEO Expert from your network. You can use recruitment consultancy to hire SEO Professional in Surat. In Surat, there are many Recruitment Companies who provide manpower service.

There are some good consultancies you can approach if you are hiring SEO experts in Surat.

  1. D.V.Das Jobs
  2. Unique Word Placement
  3. My City Surat
  4. Pleasent
  5. Darshan Placement
  6. Rec2go
  7. I place Consultancy
  8. Job Museum

4) Use Casual Google Search (“SEO freelancer in Surat”):

Most SEO freelancer in Surat has their websites. You can do a simple Casual Google Search like “SEO Professional in Surat or SEO Freelancer in Surat or SEO Expert in Surat” and you will get the topmost Marketers. They are implementing their knowledge and learning to rank their website. That’s why they are ranking and if they can rank their services then they can definitely rank your business.

            Ex : Marketerchintan.com, vikenpatel.com.

SEO Freelancer in Surat

Based on my experience, I have made a list of some qualities that every SEO Expert should definitely have. You should verify these qualities before hiring them as SEO professionals in Surat or SEO Freelancer in Surat.

1) Keyword Research:

Keyword research is a primary fundamental of SEO as a result, Selecting the right keywords means half battel won in SEO service. Keywords should be always relevant, meeting your business objectives and it should have good monthly volume and competition should be less. There are several tools available for keyword research. so, SEO Experts must know those tools like Google Keyword Planner, SEMRUSH, Keywords Everywhere.

Google Keyword Planner
Google Keyword Planner Dashboard

2) Content Strategy:

Content is the king for Search engine optimization.  After finding the right keywords they should be categorized in Informative content, Promotional Content, and Engaging content and create a strategy that fulfills business objectives.

To gain more traffic all types of content should be curated and optimize via HTML optimization. Title, Meta description, Tags, Slug, URL, and Image Optimization should be optimized.

Every SEO Professional must know content strategy otherwise, Ranking will be very difficult because ranking without plan is difficult in the competition.

Company’s business related questions should be answer via content calendar.

3) Link Building:

Link building is the backbone of off-page SEO. Search Engine also gave Importance to Links that are linking to your domain. The higher authority domains are linking to our website means a great chance for our page to rank in the Search Engine Result Page.

As per SEO Strategy combination of these three types of links will be ideal for good SEO practice therefore, SEO freelancer must be aware about them.

  • Internal Links:

Internal links are links that refer to a web page under the same domain. Usually, these links are planted in a way where Informational Page Is Redirected to the Service or Product Page for driving the customer from the Awareness to Consideration phase. We can also provide links for our other pages.

  • Outbound Links:

Outbound links are links where we are linking relevant webpage of another domain with hyperlink text.

Usually, SEO experts create outbound links for giving good experience by making outbound links to relevant niche-oriented high-quality sites which have quality content for users However, we should not create an outbound link that redirects to spammy or irrelevant sites and also competitor’s sites.

  • Inbound Links:

Inbound links are links from Other domain that refers to our webpage. In SEO we call inbound links as a backlink.

Backlinks are one of the ranking factors for search engines. however, it doesn’t mean that if we create many backlinks then we will rank faster the quality of the domain which refers to our website also matters.

Basically, The search engine understands the vote of recommendation when we have backlinks. Therefore, backlinks from high authority websites are good and low-quality backlinks sometimes harm our SEO efforts.

4) Reporting and Communication Skill:

SEO requires lots of organized work it requires serious professionals who can manage all the data whether it is backlinks data or keywords or Images everything should be stored and record carefully.   

That’s why I always recommend local freelancers are the best as they understand our language and he can meet physically when we have meetings so, he will be more responsible than other freelancers.

If you are hiring SEO freelancer in Surat or anywhere you must have to identify that they are very good at reporting and Communication. Imagine, If you hired an SEO freelancer who is not saving data in an organized way then whenever that freelancer breaches the contract or The SEO professional left the job then the company has to suffer because he wouldn’t provide necessary data like backlinks URL, keywords to the newly hired SEO member.

5) Check their portfolio:

SEO Freelancer should have some portfolio of SEO Service or some work experience even Internship or some of his own keywords should rank on Google or any other search engine.

Because their work experience will filter good freelancers and new freelancers. Nowadays most of the candidate says they know SEO but they just know the concept because they have learned from some digital marketing course on internet or institution. But they haven’t a proven record and that will separate men and boys in SEO Field via their experience and work.


  • If any company wants to hire an SEO freelancer in Surat then hiring from the local place is always better. As they can come for weekly meetings. Communication, understanding, and reporting will be smooth.
  • Companies can use Job Portals, Social Media, HR Network, and ASK Google. Asking google is the best way in my opinion because if an SEO professional can not rank his own service keyword then he wouldn’t be an Ideal freelancer for us.
  • Ask him questions related to SEO activities like keyword research tools, content type and strategy, link building so, you will get an Idea about his skills, and Ask for a work portfolio to understand his experience.
  • Apart from the technical questions, you should also check his communication and reporting skills as these are the traits that every SEO Freelancer should definitely have.
  •  unfortunately, In Surat, such candidates are hard to find and companies are hiring the wrong people seeing on their experience but they are not able to deliver the result.

I hope this blog will give you a complete guide on how to hire an SEO freelancer in Surat. You can use this guide for hiring a full-time SEO Professional in Surat. If you find this information helpful or you have some questions regarding this feel free to ask me in the comment section, I would love to help you out.    

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