SEO freelancer in surat

How to find the best SEO freelancer in Surat?

If any company wants to hire an SEO freelancer in Surat then hiring from the local place is always better. As they can come for weekly meetings. Communication, understanding, and reporting will be smooth.
Companies can use Job Portals, Social Media, HR Network, and ASK Google. Asking google is the best way in my opinion because if an SEO professional can not rank his own service keyword then he wouldn’t be an Ideal freelancer for us.
Ask him questions related to SEO activities like keyword research tools, content type and strategy, link building so, you will get an Idea about his skills, and Ask for a work portfolio to understand his experience.
Apart from the technical questions, you should also check his communication and reporting skills as these are the traits that every SEO Freelancer should definitely have.
unfortunately, In Surat, such candidates are hard to find and companies are hiring the wrong people seeing on their experience but they are not able to deliver the result.