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Marketer Chintan

Marketing & Sales Professional Turned Into Hardcore Digital Marketer.

I have started my journey from BCA Graduate but from those day’s I was very curious about how to grow business and how to get quality leads then get the job as a marketing professional  My interest becomes in passion and now leaving my dream life. 

I have been doing digital marketing from last few years. I have started my first job as a SEO Executive in Surat but my life turning point came when I have started to consult business owners for my company and I come to know that there is lot of unnecessary buzz and myths created for digital marketing tools and business owners are suffering because of lack of awareness then I have decided to become freelancer and help small business owners to grow along with me and from there journey is amazing.

Marketer Chintan (Chintan Pandya) is a Digital Marketing Freelancer, SEO Expert, Digital Marketing Consultant living in Surat. Chintan has started his journey as SEO Executive 5 Years ago just after he finished his graduation from Surat. and now in these 5 years, He has gained expertise in SEO, Google Ads, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Local Listings and Cover all aspects of Digital Marketing.

If you are someone who wants to start your business or you want to transform your business online or you are not getting quality leads then you should definitely look for some experts to guide you step by step and unfortunately, there are very few individuals who know that and Marketer Chintan is one of them. There are 2 ways to grow your business digitally.

1) Organic Includes “SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media Posting” 

2) Paid Advertising Includes “PPC. FB- Instagram Ads, Linked in Ads, Video Ads, Remarketing”

Marketer Chintan first understands your business then knows your objectives and budget and after that suggests a proper plan with estimated results with a market survey of competitors.

There are hundreds of digital marketing freelancers in Surat but only a few individuals brainstorm with a client do market research and then create a strategy, most of them come from a technical background so, they know how to run ads, set up a campaign but according to me the key of success in digital marketing is Marketing Mindset. 


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My Name is Chintan Pandya but due to my helping nature and marketing Mindset My first client always call me ” Marketer Chintan”. I like the name and make it brand name.


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Digital Marketing Consultation

I love to help people from my childhood and the habit still continues now, Every week I am consulting 2-3 Clients and give them appropriate plan. Understand there USP. Market demand and provide them appropriate digital marketing strategy for their growth

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Digital Marketing

I start my morning tea with my laptop and from morning started to implement strategies. I do all the digital marketing activities like keyword research, HTML optimization, link building, content writing, making a content calendar, youtube SEO and publish content.


"I wanted to help 1000 Small Business Owners to become well known brand by 2023"

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